Case Study 1

On-line Application System (Implemented 2020)

Specialist Computing was approached by an existing client who receives between 20 and 50 applications per month for Membership of their organisation.

These were a combination of hand written and typed Microsoft Word documents and contained a significant amount of textual information, similar to that contained in a CV.

On receipt this information was entered into a Database which had also been developed by Specialist Computing.

This organisation wished to minimise the amount of data entry by their staff in recording the application.

Specialist Computing developed an on-line browser-based system where an applicant registers their details and then completes a multi-page document consisting of eight sections.

The system monitors the application whilst the applicant is completing the sections and indicates where mandatory fields or sections had been missed, thus making the process efficient and minimises future checking by the organisation's staff.

The applicant submits the application when complete and from that point can make no further amendments. Submitted applications are downloaded from the secure server and imported into the Microsoft Access database within the organisation's headquarters.

The database provides facilities to email the applicant with an acknowledgement to confirm receipt together with a full PDF copy of the application. Further emails can be sent informing the applicant of interviews and the result of their application.

Copies of the application and applicant details are then sent to an Interview Panel.

This project has been welcomed for minimising work within the organisation and the clarity of details from the application.

Case Study 2

Security Pass System (Implemented 2017)

Eight weeks before a major public event on a secure site, the owners of the site demanded that any person involved in the construction of the site would need a photograph based identity pass.

The short timescales meant that no commercial system that fitted the requirements could be procured in time to prepare for the event.

With their wide experience of Microsoft Access Specialist Computing was able to develop a Pass System.

Key features included:

  • Multi-user system linking to a shared central database
  • The import of a file containing details of contractors to minimise double entry of records
  • Maintenance of standard tables such as contractor type, areas of access
  • Links to digital cameras to capture photographs with a click and crop link to their record
  • Colour coding of passes based on areas of access
  • Bulk or individual printing of passes on shared and selected printer
  • Recording of vehicle registrations and telephone numbers to support contacting drivers
  • The issuing of a temporary pass to an escorted visitor
  • Statistics module showing number of passes issued on a daily basis

  • The system was developed, installed and operated on time and within budget.

    It was agreed that the success of this event was supported by this project.